£100,000 and 2000 hours donated to charity last year


Here at The Breakfast Club we absolutely love a ‘feel-good’ movie – we make our staff watch ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ at least once a week for the term of their employment.

Don’t even get us started on music – we all sing ‘Walking on Sunshine’ before each shift. That’s just who we are.

So it won’t surprise you that we have a team of people called ‘Good Day Productions,’ brought together to deal with world poverty and saving the World’s rain forests. However, it turns out our dual role as London caf and saviours of the world are not compatible. With a heavy heart we have turned our attentions closer to home.

Donating our time is invaluable. We pay our staff for volunteering opportunities with charities close to their hearts and local to our cafes. We also fund a once-a-year, once-in-a-lifetime charitable adventure where we aim to raise over £40,000 for a worthy charity or cause. This year we took on THE BEAST, which saw 32 of us tackle 5 marathons in 5 days across the Florida Keys. Read all about it and meet the squad HERE.


We pay for this through our Good Day Productions ‘Pot,’ made up of…

❤ £1.50 from every sale of our best-selling Green Juice 

❤ Sales from our merch like mugs, maple syrup and t-shirts 

❤ Profits from events such as our Movember Eggs Menadick and Pancake Day Challenges

See what Good Stuff we’re involved with this month – click through to the ‘our world’ and ‘our people’ pages below…