Tucked away on a side street opposite Liverpool Street Station, the outside of the caf is a little less obvious than the bright egg-yolk yellow frontages of our other cafs – but as you’ll soon find out, we like to keep a little mystery here. 


020 7078 9633


Find us

The Breakfast Club
12-16 Artillery Lane,
E1 7LS


Opening Times

Monday to Wednesday
7.30am – 11pm

Thursday and Friday
7.30am – Midnight

8am – Midnight

8am – 10.30pm



Monday – Wednesday: groups of 6-15 before 6pm. From 6pm groups of 1-15

Thursday and Friday: groups of 6-15 before 6pm, but no bookings between 11-2pm. 

From 6pm groups of 1-15

Saturday and Sunday: from 6pm 

groups of 1-15


Visit our secret bar (shhh)

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

Once inside…


You’ll see we have all the usual BC quirks here; from our famous neon “Sex, Drugs & Bacon Rolls” sign to the Sega Mega Drive. Top tip: Tell staff you’re “here to see The Mayor.”

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